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PSD Solutions

Since 2006, we have been working on the platform automatic door applications, which have started to attract great interest in the rail transportation sector in recent years. Up to the now, 590 half-height platform doors designed and manufactured for Estram Light Rail System are commissioned and h...

Tourniquet Above The Canopy

We construct canopies for the entrance of Subway and Tram Lines platforms. We have constructed 55 unit canopies for Eskişehir Light Rail System Project successfully.


Passenger Canopy

We have passenger canopy and seat solutions for tram and light rail transportation platforms. Up to now we have manufactured and constructed 106 passenger canopy and seats for Eskişehir tram system.



We are giving service more than 10 years of experience for urban transportation system stations and stops, about passenger and entrance canopy, passenger seats and in case of request covering sides of the platform by tempered glass and rustproof products or railings.